Anthony Wilson

Software Designer

From: Greater Pittsburgh Region

A creative thinker with 7+ years of experience developing a proven solution for train supervision within the rail transportation industry. Adept in solving complex software issues. Bringing forth a positive mindset and an eagerness to learn.

Open for freelance
Working on side project


Work experience

Software Designer


November 2020 - September 2022

  • Member of the Automatic Train Supervision team
  • Developed generic and specific application software for the EBI Screen 1500 product
    • Interface for operators to manage trains and control wayside objects
    • Displays internal and external subsystem data such as radio communication, power distribution and weather
  • Documented software changes tailored to customer requirements specification
  • Facilitated product deployment including integration testing and installation

Senior Software Engineer


August 2018 - November 2020

Contracted to Bombardier Transportation which was acquired by Alstom in February 2021

Software Engineer

Bombardier Transportation

June 2014 - July 2017

  • Member of the Automatic Train Supervision team

Quality Assurance Team Lead


May 2013 - September 2013

  • Created an application to predict road quality using international roughness index data


Computer Engineering Technology

PennWest California

September 2010 - May 2014

Bachelor's degree. Specialization in software development.

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